About Us

Our products all made by Ian and are inspired by over 35 years of fly fishing on England’s finest chalkstreams, with the Wylye being his obvious favorite. As well as the Wylye, Ian also regularly fishes on the Avon, Itchen, Test, Anton and London’s River Wandle. Ian also enjoys fishing in the north west of England on the Eden, Lowther and Eamont.

Designed by fly anglers for fly anglers, our products are painstakingly designed and made by hand, often with many iterations before the final product is released for sale. We don’t use machines, just traditional hand tools.

We hope you enjoy our products, we guarantee they will last a lifetime.

As a by-product of the meat industry, we fully appreciate the impact leather has on the environment so we are attempting to offset that impact as much as we can by planting trees for each leather product we sell. To achieve this we have partnered with Ecologi . We’re currently working out how many trees we need to plant for each of our products to offset the impact. That may take a little while so in the meantime we’ve asked Ecologi to plant 522 trees (May 2021) which totals 10 tonnes of carbon offsets.