Whilst our lanyard is ready to use straight away, we include various things to help you get connections and fitting just right. Here are the things which we feel may need some explanation.

Shirt Clips

There is one fixed to the lanyard via a leather tab. This can be rotated so it clips on the inside or outside of the lanyard. There is also another clip provided which can be attached to either of the carabiners, and behind the fly wallet. The extra clip can also be attached higher up using the supplied thin paracord (see second image to the right). This is good if you’re using the lanyard when wearing chest waders.

Length Adjustment / Neck Strap Interchange

If you wish to lengthen or shorten the length of the lanyard so it fits lower or higher we provide some additional 3mm paracord which can be cut to length, knotted and the frayed ends sealed with a flame. This gives plenty of scope for adjustment and is easy to do.

If you purchased the lanyard with the two neck strap options (natural leather / sheepskin shearling), follow this same method to swap between the natural leather / shearling lined neck strap.

Split ring: This can be used as an alternative to the small carabiners at the end of the lanyard to give a single connection point. Remove the carabiners and slide the split ring through the small spaces at the end of the lanyard, after the bottom eyelets. There is also a small stainless steel ring in case that is also useful.