The materials we use

We spend a huge amount of our time reviewing samples, talking to and visiting suppliers to ensure we can source the very best materials.

Here are some of the main materials we use.

Main leathers:

Rustic waxy pull up 1.8 – 2mm (most items)
Horween Chromexcel 1.8 – 2mm (medium fly wallet and special collections)
Buttero 1.1 – 1.2mm (lanyard straps)


Solid brass or stainless steel buckles and rings (landing net straps)
Marine 316 marine grade carabiners (fly wallets, flotant holders and lanyards)
Prym poppers and eyelets (fly wallets and lanyards)
Extra strong DOT poppers (gye net sling)
Solid copper traditional rivets (gye net sling)
Stainless steel wire cable connectors (fly wallets, floatant holders and lanyards)


Merino sheepskin shearling (fly wallets)
Closed cell high density foam (fly wallets)
Sustainably sourced unprocessed Amadou (fly drying patch)
Pigskin suede (reel cases)

Our packaging is 100% plastic free.