Amadou Fly Drying Patch – Closed Style


The closed version of our handmade fly drying patch is made with rare natural Amadou fungus to dry water saturated dry flies. The water absorbing qualities of Amadou beat any synthetic material. This combined with its softness mean your flies dry quickly without damaging the hackles.

Please also see our open style amadou patch

The Amadou is backed with high quality rustic full grain leather with a waxy “pull-up” which means it has a lovely waxy finish that it becomes a lighter colour when folded or scratched, which adds to the unique character. A rub with a finger will get rid of any light scratches and marks, or just let it age naturally. It really does age beautifully and is very hard wearing.

  • The patch measures 5 cm x 5cm (2″ x 2″ )
  • The two pieces together are 1.7 cm thick approximately (5/8 “).

As it is a natural material and we use unprocessed Amadou, please note that the shade of the Amadou can vary so won’t always match the shade shown in the photos. It may be darker or lighter. Thickness can also vary slightly but we ensure performance is never compromised.

Available in a range of colours. The amadou patch shown is in chestnut brown.

All items are handmade to order and are dispatched within 2 weeks. If you need the items sooner than that please contact us and we will let you know if we can meet your timeframe.

All our products come with a lifetime guarantee and free UK delivery.


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