Classic Style Leather and Foam Fly Patch / Wallet – Choice of Colours


This leather fly patch/wallet is great for storing or drying off flies as you’re on the water. Handmade with a choice of different coloured Badalassi Carlo Pueblo leather which has a lovely rustic appearance. The leather has a slightly rough feel, however when this has been used over time it will naturally become silky smooth and have a natural patina. This change is texture and colour is shown in the colour options picture.

The foam lining is high density closed cell foam, which is waterproof and highly wear resistant.

We include a 316 marine grade stainless steel carabiner.

The patch when open is 18 cm tall x 8 cm wide. Closed, it is approximately 6.5 cm X 8 cm

Available in a choice of colours (pictured wallet is in Dark Brown):

Dark Brown, Light Brown, Grey, Blue, Green and Red.

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Whilst very hard wearing and durable, if after some years you would like the foam to be refreshed, just get in contact, send the wallet to us and we will re-foam it for a small fee.

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