Leather and Sheepskin Shearling Fly Patch


Our leather and sheepskin shearling fly patch is great for storing or drying off flies as you’re on the water. Hand stitched using a lovely rustic brown leather and the highest quality merino sheepskin shearling, this product will age really nicely whilst retaining its quality features. This rustic leather has a waxy, natural surface with a pull-up, which means that the leather becomes a lighter colour when bent or scratched, giving it a casual, weathered, vintage style.

There is a leather loop on the back to help secure the patch where you need it and also a high quality stainless steel eyelet, giving you maximum flexibility. We also include a stainless steel wire loop connector and a 316 stainless steel marine grade carabiner.

The patch is 9.5 cm wide x 5.5 cm tall
The connector with the eyelet on it extends out by 3.5 cm.
The inside diameter of the eyelet is 8 mm

Flies not included!

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